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Lee Kyle | Abra Macabre: An Hour Of Stand Up From My House About Human Fascination With Dark Things and Being Mistaken for a Magician

Lee Kyle: Abra Macabre
Tuesday 21st July 2020 at 8pm

Comedian, compere, story teller and ad libber Lee Kyle ("Glorious" - The i) is trying to do something unprecedented as he performs a brand new hour long show each month for the whole of lockdown.

Having entertained audiences up and down the country for the past 10 years, Lee has suddenly found himself performing alone in his own front room because of, you know… The Rules. With his regular Edinburgh Fringe show cancelled this year, he's bringing the festival to you! On 21st July he presents the third of his full length 'Isolation Tour' shows, written in a month and filmed the day before at home, set up to seem as much like a comedy club as possible. This show is about the weird fascination humans have with dark things. Graveyards, horror movies, serial killers... Why is this? It's also about a time that lots of people in an airport thought Lee was a magician. I mean, how do you get past something like that?

Lee has performed all over the UK as well as in Australia and the Middle East, and is a particular favourite in his native Northeast and Scotland, which he has toured with solo shows for the last few years.

It's free to watch but if you can support Lee Kyle then donations can be made through the following channels::

Video link for Abra Macabre:

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