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News: A New Song Cycle Musical

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A New Song Cycle Musical
by Charlotte Butler

A Kickstarter Campaign

A brand new song cycle musical that explores the theme of identity, and asks the enduring question - can people ever really change?

Charlotte Butler and Maria Crocker
Charlotte Butler, a composer and pianist from the North East of England is collaborating with Maria Crocker, an actor and director, to write a brand new song cycle musical for two performers and one pianist. They are using Kickstarter in order to raise the cash to move their project into the next phase.
Their musical tells the story of the relationship between Jack, a security guard struggling in the wake of his wife’s untimely death, and Mandy, a talented yet occasionally insecure life coach. Using the concept of life coaching as a foundation, and twelve songs, the song cycle explores the theme of identity, and asks the enduring question – can people ever truly change? Both Mandy and Jack actively try to change their lives and their identities – but how much can they really control? 
Maria and Charlotte met just over a year ago when they were both working on the same theatre production. They subsequently worked together on two more projects before deciding to write their own musical.
For the past six months, they have been writing material, and are now ready to undertake a period of research and development early next year. The goal is to raise £400 through Kickstarter to pay for rehearsal space and equipment during this research and development period. 
To find out more about their campaign, including a video about the project then visit their Kickstarter page: The page also lists a number of rewards that they are offering backers.

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