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Review: Tipping Point at Newcastle Dance City

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Pivots of Peril

Tipping Point from Ockham’s Razor
Newcastle Dance City
Until Saturday 7th November 2015

Ockham’s Razor start the tour of their latest show at Newcastle’s Dance City. It is their fourth visit to the city and their reputation for outstanding shows will continue to be built upon based upon this opening night.

The narrative of the show appears to be simple. Five extremely talented performers from a variety of backgrounds, including gymnastic, circus training and dance, use a variety of props in ever more daring ways. At times the antics have the feel of the school yard as they chase or set each other up. The audience also frequently find themselves on the edge of their seat too.

The show is in the round, just like the circus and seats on all four sides offer great views. If you want to get really up close and personal then try the rear section seats. Are they close to the action? Well put it this way: you feel a breeze as they fly past, just don’t lean forward!

The show draws the audience in. Just like the gymnastics at the Olympics, or watching the tight rope artist at the circus, there is that element of risk and jeopardy. The performers feel like they are pushing the boundaries of safety as they run up and down the poles. There is no safety net here.

Building up the emotion is live music which is fitting in with the action. The use of metallic instruments goes well with the antics on the scaffolding poles.

Adding to the excitement is the knowledge that there is clearly a bond of trust between the performers that are obviously enjoying it. The timing is superb as every detail falls into place.

There is something quite scientific about the motion. The pipes are used as levers and the moments balance so well. When the pipes are allowed to swing there is the harmony of simple harmonic motion. This motion in turn leads to the highly visual finale.

Tipping Point is a thrilling ride of balance, agility and skill. The audience were highly enthusiastic with the applause after a stunning show. This show is suitably for families and would act as a great introduction to the work at Dance City.

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Cast & Creatives:
Produced by: Turtle Key Arts
Devised and Directed by: Ockham’s Razor
Devised and Performed by: Alex Harvey, Telma Pinto, Steve Ryan, Emily Nicholl & Nich Galzin.
Musical Composition: Adem Ilham and Quinta
Equipment Design: Ockham’s Razor
Costume Design: Tina
Lighting Design: Phil Supple


Wednesday 4th November, 7.30pm, Thursday 5 November, 7.30pm, Friday 6 November, 7.30pm, Saturday 7 November, 8pm.
Age: all
Tickets: £14-£18, £12.50 concession

Phone: 0191 261 0505

Dance City, Newcastle
4 – 7 November 2015
Wed 4 Nov
Thur 5 Nov
Fri 6 Nov
Sat 7 Nov
The Lowry, Salford Quays
11 – 14 November 2015
Wed 11 Nov 8pm
Thur 12 Nov 8pm
Fri 13 Nov 8pm
Sat 14 Nov 2.30pm & 8pm

Lincoln Drill Hall
18 – 21 November 2015
Wed 18 Nov 7pm
Thur 19 Nov 7pm
Fri 20 Nov 7pm
Sat 21 Nov 7pm
Tipping Point will be performed as part of the London International Mime Festival in January 2016.

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