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REVIEW: Pretty Woman The Musical at Sunderland Empire

Pretty Woman The Musical
Sunderland Empire
Until Saturday 8 June 2024

This is a story about two people in their own personal prisons. Vivian, is trapped in the world of the sex worker. There’s no nice way of saying it, but due to personal circumstances, mistakes made, choices taken, she is stuck, she thinks, in this life. Edward is also trapped, but in the world of the vulture capitalist: arranging aggressive takeovers of failing businesses before selling them off for a profit. With Oliver Savile as Edward, and Amber Davies as Vivian we have two very capable musical actors with impressive vocal abilities to carry off the story, the personalities and the songs.

The opening number fronted by Ore Oduba is a welcome to Hollywood, the place where people’s dreams come to die. But we are kept hopeful that sometimes, dreams do come true. Vivian’s best friend, Kit is also working the streets and played by Natalie Paris, she has some huge numbers to belt out and she does so with aplomb. Ore popped up as different characters and worked hard the whole show.

The story is about the way two people meeting can change their outlooks and futures completely, and this can also have effects on their friends.

The ensemble and live band are absolute stars in making the story ring out and draw the audience in. There may have been sound issues at the start but these were quickly ironed out. Choreography was outstanding and some incidental opera was performed blending beautifully with the main songs as part of the story. Set changes were slick and effective.

There’s the power of dreams, hope and romance in this musical. There’s original songs of different genres. There’s great dancing. The company have created something special and should be proud. Definitely a show to recommend to Sunderland audiences and beyond.

Review: Joanne Oliver
Photos: Marc Brenner

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