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News: Announcement of JD Stewart as New Work Producer

 Announcement of JD Stewart as New Work Producer at Newcastle Live Theatre
JD Stewart

Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne is thrilled to announce the appointment of JD Stewart as their New Work Producer, starting Autumn 2023. JD, who hails from the Scottish Borders, comes to Live Theatre with a wide range of experience crossing continents from South Korea to New York. He is also a playwright, screenwriter and digital content creator, including of the acclaimed UK LGBTQ+ history podcast, The One Fifty Marchers

Artistic Director Jack McNamara said: “The whole of theatre land seemed to be looking for producers this summer and we were fortunate to meet a number of outstanding candidates. JD hugely impressed us with his sharp eye for detail, deep understanding of the needs of artists and wide sense of internationalism. 


He comes to producing from a less orthodox route and we were excited by how that range of experience could inform our own work going forward. He is someone who comes across with a genuine sense of kindness and humility; crucial qualities in making Live Theatre a place where artists feel heard, inspired and looked after.” 
JD said: "I am extremely honoured to be joining the team as New Work Producer. New writing and writers are the pillars of theatre. I know we can make work which is dynamic, exciting, provoking, and gives space to artists who have felt their voices are yet to be heard. Live Theatre is the home for new work in the North East and I look forward to engaging with artists, audiences and communities as we embark on this journey into a new age together." 

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