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Should theatre have rules?

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Should theatre have rules?

Theatre can be an interactive exchange of laughs, fear and sadness. I remember the huge cheer as Johnny proclaimed “No one puts Baby in the corner” during Dirty Dancing REVIEW LINK.

This week’s news includes a story in which a woman was thrown out of The Bodyguard musical as she insisted on singing “loudly and badly” BBC NEWS LINK. A local music blogger has also suggested that it annoys him when the audience sing along at a gig because it is the artist that he had paid to hear.

So should we have a set of rules for theatre goers?

@ParadiseDisturbis the young man that usually comes along when we’re reviewing shows and he suggests:
1.    Mobile phones OFF. If you don't understand how your phone works then leave it at home.
2.    Open noisy sweet packets before the show starts
3.    In fact, don’t bring noisy sweets in – he buys ice cream for a reason
4.    We don’t need a running commentary throughout the show so shut up.
5.    Don’t get drunk – you’ll disturb everyone as you run to the loo.

 Over to you - what are your rules?

Stephen Oliver.


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