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REVIEW: Disciples at Newcastle Northern Stage

Stellar Quines present


Newcastle Northern Stage

Until Wednesday 8  November 2023 

"Disciples is a brand-new production from Scotland’s leading intersectional feminist theatre company Stellar Quines. The show is devised in collaboration with five women and non binary performers who identify as D/deaf and disabled, led by director Rachel Drazek (Movement Director - My Left Right Foot) and poet/playwright and performer Ellen Renton (Within Sight). "

This is going to be tricky to write. Sorry.

As I left the theatre in my own thoughts I asked my female companion what she thought. She said that whilst it had nice music (including a community choir), some interesting lighting and some nice poetry, it felt like a wasted opportunity. If the aim was to give the females and non-binary members of society a voice then it has missed an opportunity. A shame - it could have been much more.

I listened. I did not disagree.

Though it is hard to put your finger on it. It started well enough. Some verse. The choir came on and were accompanied by live harp playing - this was lovely. Then the choir left - a shame.

The verse continued. The struggle for identity. The struggle for a level playing field. The struggle within ones self. It was broken up by various phases of movement. This was at its best when the silhouette of the actor in the foreground was projected on the back and cleverly covered the others in their pursuits.

After that it seemed to lose its way. I listened to my companion on the way home. She felt this was going to be a difficult review to write as the second half lost its momentum.

Here's the thing. Perhaps it is better not to say much more on the matter.

Watching theatre is subjective. It involves the emotion and reaction of each audience member to the stimulus. You're not going to like everything. Going by the reaction of some other members of the audience - other people will enjoy this more than we did.

Review: Stephen Oliver

Photos: Mihaela Bodlovic


Northern Stage, Newcastle

Tuesday 7 - Wednesday 8 November at 7:30pm

Run Time: 65 minutes

Age Recommendation: 14+

Box office: or call 0191 230 5151

Access info

All shows will be captioned and audio described. 

Creative use of BSL performed by a member of the cast.  

Relaxed performances: Saturday 08 October 2.30pm & Wednesday 07 November. The relaxed performances are for anyone who would benefit from watching the show in a more informal and laid-back environment. More information can be found at

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