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REVIEW: Snow White: Rotten To The Core at Newcastle Boulevard

Snow White: Rotten To The Core

Newcastle Boulevard

Until 29th January 2023

The local panto heroes are back at the Boulevard to deliver another filthy slice of adult pantomime. Definitely not for kids or those easily offended by curse words and/or frank conversations about what goes on in the bedroom - this is a real treat for everyone else.

It is a part of the North East Theatre Guide team's annual calendar - the Boulevard panto is our first show of the New Year. It is crude but hilarious. Tom Whalley has, once again, taken a family friendly story and packed it with naughty goodness. His script pushes the limits of taste and appeals to its audience. 

Photo: Stephen Oliver, North East Theatre Guide

On stage is the usual gang, all fresh from regular panto season - this show gives them a chance to let it all hang out. Miss Rory and Tom have had a successful season at the Sunderland Empire, Daniel Mawston - as Dame Patsy - has broken records at the Playhouse Whitley Bay. South Shields king of panto Stephen Sullivan has spent the past month entertaining the people of Bolton whilst Jacob Anderton has had probably the longest run of all at the Durham Gala. They are joined once again by Hazel Pude, whose Snow White is the centre of many jokes.

There is a deep understanding of how panto works. This is still a panto at heart and it probably sticks to the story more than most (though no dwarves appear). You still have a take off scene with that bench. The 12 Days of Christmas still gets an airing too. Tom and Patsy have a call out for the audience to use when they appear on stage.

The Boulevard is a more intimate cabaret space than any of the theatres that these guys have been performing in recently and thus it is easy for Miss Rory to regularly break the fourth wall and admonish the audience from time to time. Be careful if you talk or make an audible remark in this show as sharp wit and cutting put downs will quickly be delivered.

An extra weekend of shows has been added as seats have nearly all sold out. There is a £10 standing area at the front of the venue and we have always found that to be a great place to watch the show from.

Snow White, at Newcastle Boulevard,  was a fun way to kick off the weekend.  A great team delivers a funny script. Possibly the best adult panto around.

Looking forward to next year's treat.

Review: Stephen Oliver

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