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Review Republica and Space Newcastle 2014

Republica and Space Celebrate 20 years

Republica and Space
Newcastle Academy 19 3 14

The 20th Anniversary is more than enough of an excuse for 2 bands who have had their songs sync’d on many a tv programme.

First up were Space who are touring in support of their new CD “Attack of the 50 ft mutant kebab”. They played a mixture of old and new with an interesting backdrop of  video clips. The live feel of the songs really helped to bring the older hits alive. The large crowd happily bounced along to “Female of the Species”, “Me and you against the World”,”Avenging Angels” and “Neighbourhood”. Chuck in a healthy mix of newer stuff like 2004s “Zombies” and the title track of the new album and we have a great start to the set.

Republica were headlining the set tonight and Saffron worked the crowd really hard. The soundman never seemed to get a grip of the sound where I was. Even though I was standing in front of the guitar I could rarely hear it and it seemed to be just there for appearances. In contrast the laptop and sequencing proliferated the set including adding bass guitar. The young drummer put in a shift and a half as he pounded his set. The two highlights were “Drop Dead Gorgeous” and “Ready to go”, the latter was then repeated for the encore.

It is canny seeing two popular bands from the 90s but one feels the billing of the show was in need of a reversal.

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