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I’m a dog too! - Mr Peabody and Sherman film review

I’m a dog too!

 Mr Peabody and Sherman

Dreamworks 2014 release

It’s the February half term release and the cinemas will be hoping it fills that gap that is entertaining for the children and not too bad for their supervising adults.

Rob Minkoff directs this animation which features a dog called Mr Peabody (Ty Burrell) who, in addition to being a Noble Prize winning genius, adopts a human child called Sherman (Max Charles). Using his time travelling WABAC machine he teaches his son everything he thinks he needs to know. Unfortunately when he starts at school he faces Penny (Ariel Winter) who isn’t keen on the smart child.  Mr Peabody decides to invite the family around in order to smooth things over and then the fun begins.

A story about time travel or indeed about meeting yourself isn’t new. However for the generation this film is aimed at it will be less of a re-tread whilst their parents nod towards Bill & Ted. The pace is good and the quality of the animation very good. We saw it in 2D and did not feel that we were missing out in any way. The music helps keep the tension going. Most of the jokes put a smile on my face even if I didn’t find myself laughing – certainly they were a lot better than the Harry Hill film that we saw in the last holiday.

All in all it is not a bad way to spend a cold February afternoon with the family.

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